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Why Our Translation &
Interpreting Services
Stand Above the Rest

Over the Phone Interpreting

The TLC Difference

At TLC we come to work every day passionate about solving the biggest problem the translation industry has: everyone is guessing.

Those who need translation are often not sure what exactly it can do for them and whom they should trust with their business. They look for advice on when to use professional services and when free online resources might be enough.

Knowing which combination of human creativity and technology will bring them the fastest, most accurate, or most affordable results would be priceless.

They are also never sure if they are really getting a fair price. And, who is it that actually works on their translation? Do they have sufficient qualifications, skills, and experience?

We provide translation the way you think it should be: easy, effective, & economical.

So that you can focus on what YOU do best.

The TLC Translation Process

  • Recommendation

    We recommend an efficient & affordable strategy.

  • Tailored Goal

    A goal-oriented process is tailored to you.

  • Expert Linguists

    A team of expert linguists will get to know your documents.

  • Budget

    We propose a budget along with projected savings over time.

  • Project Complete

    On budget, on time, & to exact specifications, every time.

Talk to us today so we can start building the most transparent translation relationship you have ever had. And if translation would not make a difference for your business, we will tell you that, too – before you spend a single dollar.

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