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How can I send my original documents for foreign language translation to you?

You can upload your documents for language translation on our request a quote page. Alternately, send your documents for translation to [email protected] and include your contact information in the email. One of our project managers will respond with a quote and turnaround time. For very large documents or documents that are confidential, please call 817.441.9974 and request an upload link for our secure FTP server.

Why can’t you give me a translation quote without having the original document?

There are many factors that influence a translation quote – the number of words on a page, the legibility of the document or technical issues, graphics that may need to be recreated, etc. While we can give you a ballpark quote without seeing the document, the quote would have to be inflated somewhat to account for the unknown.

Do you translate personal documents, like marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc?

Yes, we are happy to process all kinds of personal documents and provide certified translations. Please, use one of the methods described above to send your document in for a quote.

How do I pay?

Our corporate clients may pay by check, bank transfer or credit card. Our individual clients with personal documents may pay by cash, check or credit card.

How will I receive my translation?

Your translation will be delivered in the agreed-upon format, and generally will be returned to you either via email or our secure FTP server.

Translated and certified personal documents become hard copies that cannot be emailed. You can either pick those up at our office or they can be mailed to you by US Priority Mail.

Do you translate from PDFs?

While we always prefer text-editable documents, we understand the original electronic versions may not always be available. In such cases, we can translate from the PDF format and re-create the document’s original formatting.

Why should I use your business for translation instead of an employee who speaks the language?

TLC uses carefully selected and tested linguists with oral and written proficiency in the target language that far exceeds the skills of a typical bilingual speaker (whose writing style will usually be labeled as foreign). Translation is a creative activity, one that a person has to study and be experienced in its proper application. Ask yourself the following question: Would you have your company’s financial statements prepared by business students to save money?

TLC also offers many added values such as project management, quality control, file conversions, multilingual desktop publishing and translation warranties, to list a few.

Is it a good idea for our business to use free online translation tools?

As for free online tools, they will never be able to replace human translators as they do not take broader context and idiomatic language into account. They simply replace words with ad hoc translations selected based on statistical methods. According to the Wall Street Journal, “These services are passable for travelers or for those wanting to translate a letter from a distant cousin. They should not be used for business or anything that remotely requires accuracy.”

I called other providers in the area and received a lower quote elsewhere.

As in other industries, prices for translation can vary. When thinking about translation, be realistic and figure out how much you have spent to develop the product or services you want to promote outside of your country or to an audience speaking another language. Prices that seem much lower than the average probably represent a product that will not give your business much credit.

How can I save money on translation?
  • Ask yourself if your project must be translated in its entirety. You might be able to translate only relevant sections of existing documents or produce shorter documents that will then be translated.
  • Tell us what it is for. A “for information” translation may result in faster turnaround , low pricing, shorter text or a summary. This approach will not work for “for publication” work that must be technically accurate.
  • Think internationally when you are producing your documents – use language that has the same meaning outside of your country. This will help translators avoid workarounds and/or lengthy explanations.
  • Finalize your text before starting translation. The more versions there are, the more time translators will need to spend on your document(s). Even worse, multiple versions create room for error.
  • Use the same provider for all your translation work and request that your documents are processed using Computer Assisted Translation tools. The more work you send in, the more you will be saving. With us, you are not charged again for repetitive content.
I have a document that must be kept confidential. What kinds of confidentiality safeguards do you employ?

All of our translators are bound by confidentiality agreements. Any confidential documents are transferred using our secure FTP server (with security similar to that used by online banking sites) which allows us to bypass email entirely.

What is your typical turnaround time?

Our turnaround time will depend on your project. Please, send your document for a quote and we will suggest a turnaround time to you based on the length and complexity of the text.

For any questions regarding consecutive or simultaneous interpreting, please call 817.441.9974.

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