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Teneo Linguistics

GSA Buyers

TLC is interested in developing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with its federal government clients. Our goal is to keep exceeding our clients expectations as they grow and change over time. In case of GSA clients, some of the long term benefits would be the following:

  • TLC as the one stop shopping place for all translation needs, regardless of type of material, turnaround needed or language involved.
  • Direct impact on the bottom line stemming from an overall, efficient solution as opposed to various ad hoc solutions.
  • Financial savings as a result of translation memory usage and elimination of redundant work.
  • Regular reports on suggested improvements based on monitoring of the translation traffic.
  • Creation of secure libraries of already translated materials that can be easily requested for further use and/or a newsletter listing what is already available and in what languages.
  • Continuous feedback, contact and communication with our GSA clients to ensure that our services are always in line with the needs of the particular client.

Why GSA?

  • TLC, its products and processes have been vetted by GSA
  • Prices and volume discounts have been negotiated for you
  • Schedule orders count toward small business goals
  • Save time and effort with flexible purchasing options and blanket agreements
  • No order limitations

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