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Translation & Interpreting in Education

TLC provides translation of educational documents both for educational organizations and businesses – large or small.

We understand the importance of producing translations that are both creative and engaging and that deliver the desired results. Our linguists have the appropriate educational and/or corporate training background, on top of the necessary language skills. We also employ a number of technical experts who work with a variety of software applications and programs. Our teams bridge any gaps in understanding and create and adapt world-class learning solutions.

Whether your education or e-learning project is directed at customers or multilingual employees, call today for a free consultation. Because of our certified process, uniquely qualified resources, and results-oriented approach, you will not find a better partner.

Our Education & E-Learning Translation Offerings

Translation of a full range of educational documents

Localization of e-learning software or web applications & documentation

Work with various formats such as Articulate Story Line, Adobe Captivate, Premiere Pro, & others

Multilingual scripts, audio & video content processing

Multilingual video subtitling, voiceover, & dubbing

Localization of multimedia & marketing materials

Testing & quality assurance of the final product

Creation of accessible versions of documents

Graphic design

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