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Website Localization

Get More Users to your Pages with Website Localization

Most web users prefer to search and browse websites in their own native language. Don’t miss out on valuable website traffic simply because your content isn’t presented in their language. Think about it: what would happen to your business if you were able to reach a whole new audience with your online presence including your website, social media, and digital advertising campaigns? If the answer is potential growth, you may need a multilingual website.

Website Localization is More Than Just Translation

Website localization refers to translation of your web content. Typically, this is not just about creating another language version of your existing website but rather a version of content that takes into account:

Cultural Context & Target Audience

Stylistic Issues

Legal Considerations

Multilingual SEO

Adaptation to the Local Market (including displaying content, special characters and encoding, displaying first and last names, adapting dates, currencies, measurements, etc.,)

Planning for Space Issues (expansion or contraction of languages)

Ongoing Updates of the Localized Website

Tell Us About Your Project

Tell us all about your project. What kind of file format do you need: a PDF? A Word document? A DVD? Generally, most projects will be returned to you either via email or our secure FTP server. Personal documents like birth certificates or marriage licenses cannot be emailed, but can be sent out via. U.S. Priority Mail or picked up at our offices. We translate documents into any language, for clients all around the globe.

Our most frequently requested languages include:











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