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Life Sciences Translation Services Deserve TLC

Teneo Linguistics Company offers a full suite of translation services for the life sciences industry.

Teneo Linguistics Company
Life Sciences Division

The work you do in life sciences supports saving lives and requires the utmost care and attention to detail…so shouldn’t you expect the same care and sense of urgency from your life sciences translation services?

When R&D in life sciences—from pharmacological innovations to advanced medical devices—results in curing illnesses and saving lives, how can anyone discount the importance of life sciences translation services?

Enter Teneo Linguistics Company.

TLC makes sure all life sciences translation services always get the attention to detail you’d expect. Partnering with TLC, your organization benefits from a proven, holistic approach to translation. We support you and your priorities through each step of your research, including:

Let’s face it. Translation services can be a headache…especially when it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Don’t your translations deserve TLC?

Teneo Linguistics Company is the Rx for all your translation services headaches. Contact us today for complete peace of mind across all your language and translation requirements…even the ones you may not yet consider.


Clinical Trials

Accuracy above all else.

Research institutions and organizations focused on life science are increasingly partnering with entities around the world to enhance their medical advancements.
This is why it is so important to accurately localize clinical research related content with accurate translation and cultural context.
TLC has years of experience translating content for clinical trials, as well as hundreds of highly qualified translators around the world who specialize in the life science industry.

Scientific Research

Scientific Articles



Deviation Reports

Data Sheets

Ethics Correspondence

Abstracts & Manuscripts

Declaration of Conformity

ObsRO Questionnaires

Clinical Trial Protocols

Case Report Forms (CRF)

Investigator Brochures

Clinical Outcomes Assessment Questionnaires (COAs)

Protocol Synopses

Genetic Testing

Pharmacology & Toxicology Reports

Study Protocols

Lab Reports

ClinRO Questionnaires

Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)

Patient Recruitment Materials

Patient Reported Outcomes Forms (PROs)

Patient Diary/Event Log

Patient Education (CMI & PHI)

Patient Questionnaires

HIPAA/Assent Forms

Adverse Event Report Forms (SAEs)

QMS Audit Documentation

IVRS Prompts

Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Your priority is our priority.

Everyone knows protecting patients, clinical staff, and even your organization is always the highest priority.
Thanks to TLC’s legal and regulatory expertise—along with more than a decade of accurate translation of pharmaceutical product information, contracts, consent forms, and regulatory affairs documentation—you can be confident you’re protected.

Institutional Contracts

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Pharmaceutical Product Information

Regulatory Correspondence

IND and NDA Documentation

Legal and IP Materials

Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC)

Common Technical Documents (CTDs)

New Drug & Marketing Authorization Applications

Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)

Package Inserts

Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)

Patient Prescribing Information

Registration Dossiers

Ethics Committee SubmissionsIRB/IEC

Linguistic Validation

The #1 way to ensure accuracy

Linguistic validation is the number one way to ensure accuracy within a document. With TLC, the linguistic validation process is always tailored to your organization’s unique needs, including double forward translation, back translation, and in-country review.
Plus, with ISO-certified processes, you get accurate results that legally protect all parties involved in your important research.

Validation Reports and Certifications

Dual Forward Translation

Developer Coordination

ObsRO Questionnaires

Patient Diaries

Concept Elaboration


Developer Review


Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs)

Client Subsidiary Review

Clinician Review


ClinRO Questionnaires

In-Country Review(ICR)

eLearning & Training

Consistent training = consistent results

Consistent training of your global employees is vital to your valuable research.
TLC localizes and translates all training materials for your staff, whether they use online and e-learning technologies or classroom-based learning materials.
Plus, we accurately translate training materials in a variety of formats, including text, graphics, audio/visual mediums, and anything else you can think of.

Employee Handbooks

Training Materials

Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

Code of Conduct

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Performance Management Systems

TLC works with a variety of different software and eLearning platforms such as Camtasia, Lectora, iSpring, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Captivate, and more.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Keeping global manufacturers up-to-speed

When your product goes to market, it’s a must that your manufacturers know every step of the process to ensure a quality result.
From manufacturing pharmaceuticals to building medical devices, there are a variety of documents and content that require accurate translation for your global manufacturing partners.
With TLC’s network of highly qualified translators that specialize in life sciences and manufacturing, your manufacturing documents maintain accuracy and quality so your manufacturers stay up-to-speed.

Installation Manuals

Manufacturing Procedures

Operating Manuals

Manufacturing SOPs

Instructions for Use (IFU)

Batch Records and MBRs

Software and Hardware Applications

Training Materials

Production manuals

GMP Documentation

Data Sheets

Regulatory Compliance Documents

User manuals


What you say matters…in every language.

Your marketing message is vital to your product’s success. And, how your message is conveyed may be most important…especially across a global marketplace.
That’s why TLC linguists use their language expertise and cultural proficiency to ensure that your message reaches the target consumer in the right way, giving it the best chance at success on the market.
TLC is experienced in translation for a variety of media and software programs so all your marketing needs can be met.

Marketing Collateral


Promotional Materials



Sales Training

TV/Voice Scripts


Corporate Communications

Informative Brochures

Packaging and labeling

Professional / Consumer


Presentation Materials


Translation 360®

Easy. Accessible. Translation.

Created especially for large corporations that use multiple language suppliers across various departments, the Translation 360® consulting service makes it easy for any employees to take advantage of high-quality translation services.

Do you know where your company lies on the Global Communication Maturity Model?

TLC will identify where you stand, assess your current localization process, and create a customized path to reduce cycle time, increase financial savings, achieve complete compliance, and gain total control of your already-translated content.

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