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Audio & Video Transcription

Looking for someone with extensive experience in multilingual transcription? Look no further, we can help. Teneo provides both audio and video transcription in most language combinations. Producing high quality, clear, and frequently confidential transcription can be a complex process that we handle with ease and at an affordable price.

Types of Transcription Services We Provide

Taped meetings, calls, or video surveillance

Conference proceedings, lectures, or seminars


Market Research

Clinical Interviews

Psychological Assessments

Podcasts, & Others

What Transcription Product Fits Your Need?

Monolingual Translation

The source language audio is transcribed into text in the same language.

Target Language Transcription

The source language audio is transcribed directly into target language text.

Bilingual Transcription

The source language audio is transcribed into text in the same language (left column), followed by translation of source transcript into target language (right column).

Our Pricing will Vary Based on:

Type of Transcription (Monolingual, Target-Language, or Bilingual)

Desired Turnaround Time

Quality of source audio or visual

Number of Speakers

Special Formatting

Time Coding

What is your Project?

Similar to our other services, we offer multilingual transcription that is tailored to our clients goals. Our team has not only excellent linguistic skills and appropriate subject matter expertise but also significant experience with transcription.

Contact us today to find the best solution for your transcription project.

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