3 Reasons Why Being ISO Certified Benefits Our Clients

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Teneo Linguistics Company (TLC) is proud to announce that last Friday, we passed another ISO audit with flying colors! Why should you care? Because working with an ISO certified company benefits you!

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) develops and publishes standards for almost every industry across the globe, and hundreds of companies (including Fortune 500 companies) are ISO certified.

The specific certification we adhere to every year is the ISO 9001:2015. It specifies requirements for our quality management system to ensure that we are consistently delivering our services to meet clients’ needs and are continuously improving our processes.

Here are 3 ISO certified processes that benefit our clients.

1. Hiring the Best Language Professionals

For our translation projects, we only work with translators who are native to the country of the target language & region. Working with hundreds of language professionals around the world can bring some challenges but with an ISO certified process – we got it down!

We employ a hiring process that is second to none. Only the best linguists and in-house staff make it through the gauntlet of hiring, on-boarding, and ongoing monitoring. Some of the criteria we look at during first contact and during our cooperation are as follows:

  • Years of experience in the language services industry.
  • Robust & relevant educational background.
  • Multiple verifiable references.
  • Continuous education, such as the Institute for Language Professionals.
  • Experience with relevant technology.
  • Our own internal rating system that is updated after each project. 

2. Unique Translation Process

Our translation production process is tailored to you, our client. Do you just need to know what the document says? No problem! We have a simplified process that is far from breaking the bank.

Do you need multiple levels of quality checks every time? We have you covered! We know how important accurate and quality reviewed translation is for your organization’s bottom line. Bad translation results in a damaged reputation for you, and for us.

Need translation that includes complex document formatting and layout work? Consider it done. Regardless of what you need, even if you think we’ve never heard that request before, we can help. Our process is fully modular and can be built to your exact specifications.

Do you need Certified Translation? We do that too! Our Certificate of Accurate Translation authenticates that a qualified translator worked on your project, proves the information is correct, and sets a high standard. The certificate can be notarized, and we will testify in court (if necessary) that the translation of the original document is accurate.

Here is video from our CEO, Hana, on Certified Translation: 


 3. Customer Specific Processes

Each customer is different – COMPLETELY different. And here at TLC, we are very familiar with providing customized processes to meet our clients’ needs – starting from the very first conversation about the project.

If you have ever felt like you just threw your translation over the fence with other language service providers, with the hope you get something usable in return – get ready for a whole new experience.

With us, hope is not a strategy. Instead, we get to know you and develop a specialized translation process and corresponding workflows that will be the best fit for you.

Our customer on-boarding process is thorough and highly specialized. No detail goes unnoticed and no expense is spared in ensuring that you are set up for success. Project managers are briefed, and detailed customer specifics are documented for use on all your projects. After the project gets going, it is up to you to decide how much, or how little, involvement you would like to have while we work on your projects.

A Language Services Provider That Works for YOU

We work hard to maintain our ISO certification and are delighted to be continuously improving our processes for our clients.

Your success in achieving your goals is how we measure our own success. Whether it is business translation, communication with your employees, using document translation to fill up your sales funnel, website localization, managing and distributing your content, or otherwise transforming your businesses – we are here to help make it happen for you!


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