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JFK Memorial in Fort Worth, TX

It goes without saying that anything written in stone has to be perfect. Visit Fort Worth and you’ll find our translation work etched in granite on the JFK Memorial downtown. We are honored that we have been asked to provide our translation for such an important historical monument. The words of our translator and the work of our editors and quality assurance team have been truly immortalized and are on permanent public display.

You can trust that we approach every project with utmost respect and attention to quality and detail.
We proudly stand by the results of our work; here are just a few examples for you.

Clinical Trial Document Translation


In 2012, a University Health Science Center sent us a test translation consisting of clinical trial documentation. The current vendor had trouble keeping up with deadlines and being consistent in their translation of documents. TLC developed a custom translation, editing, and quality assurance process that leverages carefully monitored re-use of previously completed translation along with translation of new content. The right mix of computer assisted translation tools and human translation has proven to be the winner in this case.

The client started receiving translations that were accurate, consistent, and always on time. Over the next year, the client also started enjoying savings of at least 40% of their translation cost across all projects – a result that, while not identified as an initial priority, has had a much welcome positive impact on the overall operation.


An organization processing documents needed for professional licensure purposes struggled with the services of a translation vendor who was unable to streamline the process of providing certified translation accurately, on time, and without administrative and billing mistakes. The original solution consisted of a manual pick-up and drop-off of hard copy documents that then had to be scanned into the client’s system. With already slow delivery times, changes and/or corrections took at least a week to complete.

TLC offered a streamlined, partially automated solution that consists of a secure electronic dropoff and pickup of documents and electronic certification. We are currently translating between 50 and 125 sets of documents per week in a variety of languages, while dropping delivery times from 10 days to 3 days. Any requested updates are processed within the same business day.

Our client and their 40+ agents have unlimited access to our client portal with all processing and progress information at their fingertips.

Billing is fully automated, itemized, and formatted to easily integrate with the client’s system.

Because of our ability to assess the client’s particular needs and offer a solution that is unique to them we have been able to ensure that their goal of accuracy, speed, and an efficient, streamlined process has been achieved.

Online Content Translation & Localization


Our client, a global publisher, was tasked with providing multilingual versions of their product to the end customer. The product was a combination of traditional document and online content (translation and localization). The deliverables further included accommodated versions – text to speech – of such content.

This was the first project of its kind for our customer. Together, we navigated the complex requirements and came up with a workflow that accommodated all technical aspects, as well as extensive quality assurance on hundreds of individual translation items which included both linguistic QA as well as code testing.

We are now in the fourth year of our cooperation on similar projects and continue being praised for efficiency, quality, clear communication and ease of use of our services.

Website Localization


For one of our manufacturing customers, the first task on hand had to do with reaching wider audiences via their website and achieving faster time-to-market and higher conversion rates. They came to us after a failed relationship with one of the top five largest translation agencies in the world.

Localizing their website into French and Spanish has been no easy task. There are hundreds of product descriptions, all with extremely specialized terminology and inclusive of measurement conversions.

The website content now takes into account linguistic and cultural aspects of targeting audiences in Canada and Latin America. With frequent content updates, the website now serves as our client’s primary tool of global expansion.

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