Understanding How Translation Memory Benefits Your Bottom Line

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Partnering with language service providers that use translation memory technology is a smart choice whether you are a business, law firm, educational organization, medical facility, or any other type of organization.

Here at Teneo Linguistics Company, we understand that the use of translation memory (TM) technology can be hard to grasp. In this article, we will answer the questions – how does TM work? And how does it benefit your organization?

How Does Translation Memory (TM) Work?

Translation memory turns your existing translated material into existing or new translation memory and recycles content to save you more. 

Let’s say you are a company who needs an employee handbook translated into Spanish, and you bring it to us to provide high quality translation. We securely upload the documents to our TM database where the original content AND translated content is stored as the translator works on your project. This creates a “memory” that we can run against other documents you need translated in the future.

Then the next year, when you need the updated version of the employee handbook translated, the database runs the document against all the TM stored for your company. It searches for matching segments of words and pulls in the previous translation and how well it matches the previous version. Perfect to fuzzy matches that the database finds are segments you do not have to pay full price for and can mean CONSIDERABLE SAVINGS.

In this employee handbook example, your company would ONLY pay full price for translation of new updated material to the handbook since the TM would match most of the content.

How Does Translation Memory Benefit Me?


One benefit of building TM with your original and translated content is the consistency of terms used in your material. If a phrase is translated one way on a marketing brochure, the same phrase will be translated the same way on any other content we translate for you.

This keeps brand messaging, product descriptions, user guides, HR documents, websites, and any other content consistent & accurate throughout all translated content for your company.


The more of a match the TM is to your document, the less content our language professionals need to translate. This makes our turnaround times much faster for returning clients who have a bank of TM. We save you time by getting your projects back faster, and TM saves us time by finding higher matches the more you do business with us.


As stated before, utilizing TM will bring you considerable savings. The more translation projects we complete for you, the higher match percentage our TM database will calculate as you bring us new projects.

You can add “savings over time” as a KPI to measure how your partnership with Teneo Linguistics Company saves your organization money.

Still have questions about translation memory? We’re happy to help.

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