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How Our Translation Services Work

Document translation, one of the pillars of today’s global communication, is the core service we offer at Teneo Linguistics Company. Our translation services work exactly the way you think they should: they are easy, affordable, and we offer tailored solutions with unmatched quality.

Translation, in its simplest form, is a process of translating text from the original language into the target language or languages. The purpose of translation is to convey the original tone and intent of a message, taking into account cultural and regional differences between the source and target languages.

Translation is an Art

Translation is also an art and, for our many translators, a great passion. We know that translation services can have a tremendous impact on your business. Reaching wider audiences through website translation, helping to keep your customers satisfied because you invested in professional translation of your product literature or limiting your risk exposure through certified, legal translation are just a few examples of how translation, if done right, can positively influence your business.

We serve international businesses who need documents and communication ready for worldwide use and the global marketplace and domestic companies who need documents and communication ready for local customers or employees whose primary language is not English.

Basic Translation Services

Audio Transcription

Multimedia Services

Certified Document Translation

Multilingual Transcription

Website Localization

Software Localization

Specialized Translation in the Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Legal, & Education / E-Learning Fields

Need Something Different?

Our Extended Services Include

Globalization & Internationalization Consulting

Third-Party Quality Checks

In-Country Testing

Cost Analysis & Streamlining of Existing Translation Processes

Translation Services Coordination & Management

What is your Goal with Translation?

Depending on your needs, we offer solutions that range from draft or summary translation to certified translation or publication-ready translation that includes our entire translation and review process, as well as multiple quality checks. We can also recommend solutions that leverage the right mix of human creativity and latest technology for improved speed, accuracy, and cost savings.

Whether you need a fast translation, a high-volume translation, or a specialized, technical one, we will present you with a solution that will provide you with the desired outcome. Send us your project today!

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