TLC & Memsource: A Match Made in Translation Heaven

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visit to memsource

The founder of Teneo Linguistics Company (TLC), Hana Laurenzo, recently took a trip to her home town of Prague, capitol of the Czech Republic, and made a stop at our favorite CAT tool’s headquarters – Memsource!

Memsource is one of our trusted partners; we depend on their software in our translation process, as it is instrumental in helping us efficiently provide high-quality, consistent – and even discounted! – documents via its “translation memory” tools.

Did you know that discounted translation is possible using TM (translation memory) – when language services providers utilize CAT tools like Memsource?

If your organization regularly uses professional translation services, and these terms and concepts are completely foreign to you, let’s break it down and get you “in the know”.

What is a CAT tool?

A CAT (computer-assisted or computer-aided translation) tool is a computer software program that aids translators in executing translation of text by making the process more efficient, consistent, and contextually accurate. Here are few key components of CAT tools:

  • Translation memory
  • Text search tools
  • Index/concordance tools
  • Terminology databases
  • Translation management
  • Quality check
  • Formatting
  • Alignment
  • Import/export functions
  • Analysis tools

These features, skillfully used, help us deliver a polished, professional, quality translation result.

DO NOT confuse CAT tools with machine translation or free translation engines – like Google Translate. Utilizing free translation engines can damage your brand, with inaccurate – and sometimes hilarious – results.

Our language professionals use years of experience to translate every word with cultural context and target audience in mind. CAT tool technology aids translators in performing translation activities efficiently and consistently so that your translation project is of higher quality, and potentially delivered within a shorter timeframe.

What is Translation Memory?

A translation memory (TM) is created for each of our clients by utilizing your existing translated material, adding to it each time a new document is translated, effectively “recycling” your content. In this way we maintain consistency throughout your documents, thereby avoiding “reinventing the wheel” for existing text, with the result that you save on translation costs in the process!

Understanding how TM provides discounted translation and how it benefits your bottom line is broken down in the simple example below.

Discounted Translation with TM

Let’s say you have an employee handbook (or another human resources document) that needs translation, and you issue a new version to your employees every year. Most of the content is the same from year-to-year but you always have some updates.

The first time you get the document translated it is stored in our TM database for your company in Memsource. We can now use this “memory” to run against other documents you need translated in the future; when they contain new text, it too is stored in the company “memory”.

Then the next year, when you need the updated version of your employee handbook translated, the database runs it against the ever-growing TM stored for your company. It searches for matching segments of words and pulls in the previous translation, indicating how well it matches that previous version.

Perfect to “fuzzy” matches that the database finds are segments you do not have to pay full price for – and these can add up to CONSIDERABLE SAVINGS.

Partnership at its Finest

translation partnership

Memsource has provided their trusted CAT tool since 2011, and we at Teneo Linguistics Company have utilized it since 2014. Our language professionals and project managers depend on it for the continued success of our client’s projects. We are always impressed by their staff’s quick responsiveness, valuable innovations, and willingness to hear our feedback on their incredible software.

During Hana’s visit at Memsource headquarters she met with the Memsource team and learned all about their new and upcoming features as well as their roadmap for future innovations. These updates are sure to bring continuous improvement to our translation process and allow us to better serve our customers.

Learn more about business translation services in our free guide.


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