Remote Interpreting Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

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As the pandemic continues, are you able to make international meetings and calls? Or is everything canceled due to the lack of an on-site interpreter?

COVID-19 has forced private and public companies to work in a different way.

Meetings were once held at an office with an interpreter. But now social distancing makes that impossible.

So companies turn to the Internet to communicate. But without an interpreter foreign dialogue can’t happen.

What’s required is a remote interpreting service. Where a skilled VRI interpreter acts as an interpreter to help conduct the meeting.

This article looks at Virtual Remote Interpreting: what it means, how it works, and how it can help you.

So if you want to make essential international calls and meetings happen in 2020, read on.

What Is VRI Interpreting?

Virtual Remote Interpreting or VRI is a video call session conducted by an accredited linguist.

VRI lets you speak via video call to anyone in the world on a secure conference call. The interpreter doesn’t need to be present. And meetings can be scheduled at short notice.

All that’s required is video conferencing hardware and an Internet connection. Then you connect to a VRI interpreting service, like TLC.

It’s important to note that VRI is conducted by a trained professional interpreter. No app can compensate for an educated linguist who understands cultural sensitivity.

Types of Remote Interpreting

There are two types of video remote interpreting to help host your meetings. Let’s examine them.

Consecutive Interpreting

During your video or telephone call, the interpreter waits until you finish speaking. They then relate what’s been said to the other party.

This is the main form of interpretation for business meetings, press conferences, etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting

For conferences and large meetings, the simultaneous mode offers interpreting in real-time. As the speaker talks, the interpreter interprets.

This method requires specialized equipment and a longer lead-in time.

TLC offers a comprehensive package for multi-nationals that includes both these services. Moreover, Translation 360® combines translation, consulting, and interpreting into one solution.

Delivering VRI Interpreting in 2020

Due to lockdown and social distancing, traditional meetings are mostly on-hold.
Interpreters who visit your premises can’t come. So that leaves you with telephone calls and video conferencing.

Telephone meetings don’t require prior scheduling. All you need is a standard landline or mobile phone.

Video conferencing can also host telephone calls with no picture if you wish. But nothing beats face-to-face and TLC interpreters can meet this requirement at short notice.

Our Interpreting Management Platform lets clients schedule sessions or request immediate, on-demand work.

The service is low-cost yet the Cloud platform guarantees high-quality calls. It’s used from medical professionals to small businesses and large corporations. And everything remains confidential and secure.

Professional Video Remote Interpreting Services

International meetings can continue to happen through COVID-19 through remote interpreting. And Teneo Linguistics Co. is here to help.

Our service is hosted in the Cloud to ensure high-quality meetings. With 99% uptime and secure access, it’s perfect for important confidential calls.

Our video interpreters excel in cultural sensitivity, too. That means no awkward silences or mistranslated phrases.

Request a quote today to discuss your remote interpreting needs. We also offer translation and localization services so contact us to learn more.


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