One Easy Way to Recruit More International Students to Your Institution

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Recruit International Students with Professional Translation

Hundreds of thousands of international students flock to U.S. universities & colleges every year to seek an impactful education which will hopefully lead to a fulfilling career.

These higher education institutions make significant effort to recruit international students to increase enrollment numbers and to encourage a multicultural student population.

But there is one sure-fire way to recruit more international students by connecting with them on a deeper level.

Website Translation

If an international student searches for a college to attend, they will probably be using the internet. And while most U.S. schools have a dedicated page to recruiting students from other countries, it is RARE to find those pages translated into the student’s native language.

Often, this web page is the student’s first look at the institution. Is your institution’s web page for international students leaving a welcoming and meaningful impression?

Translating your website into a student’s native language will create a deeper emotional connection. It shows that the university or college made a significant effort to welcome and include these students and that the university cares about their future.

Need to choose a translation partner to assist with translation of your website or admission documents? Download our Guide to Choosing a Language Services Provider here.

Partner with your International Student Affairs department to determine from which countries most of the international students are enrolling, and what languages they speak. Start with the highest demand language and go from there.

Partner with Translation Experts

It is tempting to find affordable means of translation. Using free translation engines like Google Translate or relying on your bilingual coworker for your translation project may seem cost effective but do not be fooled.

Free translation equals poor quality EVERY TIME. Most of free translation engines work purely based on statistical methods of replacing each separate word with the most likely equivalent without regard for syntax or context.

Language service providers are experts in professional translation. An experienced language services provider will only utilize translators who are native to the country/region where the target language is spoken.

These language professionals use cultural context and years of practical experience to translate your message rather than individual words.

Connecting with Students

Now is your opportunity to connect with international students effectively and increase your enrollment numbers.

Use professional translation to tell potential students what your college or university will do for them. How does your school accommodate international students? What school activities and organizations are geared towards the international student population? What makes your university special?

When you partner with a Language Services Provider, your university’s message on their international student website will be accurate, consistent, and create deeper connections. 

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