One Easy Way to Increase Revenue for Texas Entrepreneurs

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What is the one thing that EVERY business owner wants? More revenue! If you are a business owner in Texas, there is one sure-fire way to increase your customer base and increase revenue.

What is the secret?

Appeal to a Multilingual Population!

The answer to more revenue is marketing to people who primarily speak another language other than English. If you think there is not enough limited English proficiency speakers (LEPs) to make a difference in revenue, THINK AGAIN.

More than a third of Texas’ 23.7 million population speaks a language other than English at home. That is almost 8 million people!

Here are the top ten languages spoken in Texas, other than English:

Texas multilingual population

Where Should I Start?

Once you and your team decide which new demographic to target, you must find a language services provider (LSP) that rocks! Partnering with a professional translation company that has a proven track record of helping businesses successfully reach new markets will ensure that your company’s message is delivered accurately and effectively.

The right LSP will only use native speakers to translate content so you can feel confident that there will be no linguistic mistakes. Even better, an awesome LSP will offer Certified Translation; this is an added security measure should you need proof your provider backs their translation. Certified translation also allows you to retain documentation to satisfy quality requirements.

Website Translation

One of your first translation projects should be translating your website and making sure it is mobile friendly. This is a critical step to reaching your target audience.

The Internet is everywhere – on our desktops, tablets, watches, and of course our smartphones. Millions of Texans are Googling, staying active on social media, seeking entertainment online, and instantly finding answers to their inquiries. This includes the millions of Texans who primarily speak a language other than English.

Imagine the potential customer base when you translate your website, online ads, and social media content into one of the languages listed above. Just by simply adding other language options to your site, you allow millions more to search for products and services like yours.    

Partner Early

For best results, partner with your LSP early-on in your translation efforts. Customized business translation services from an LSP will accommodate any kind of translation project, large or small.

When you seek language support from the beginning, your assigned Project Manager will walk you through the project details. Together, you will develop a strategy that will meet your product-to-market deadlines and design needs – while staying on budget.

Do not make the mistake of using a bilingual coworker to do your translations or relying on free translation tools.
The result is a costly mistake given the potential legal implication and retranslation.

Navigating a new cultural landscape may seem daunting, but the benefits FAR outweigh the risk. Make the simple choice to appeal to a wider consumer base in Texas, then watch your revenue grow.




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