Language Services and Your Upcoming Budget

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Creating your company’s annual budget can be a daunting task. It is detailed and grueling work that involves many man hours to assess and complete.

For many companies, including language services in the annual budget is an afterthought, or non-existent—leading to unexpected expenses and changing deadlines when the need for professional translation or other language services arise.

Whether you’re an international company or an organization that uses language services domestically, there are valuable benefits to including a language services budget within your company’s annual budget.

Monthly Retainer

Does your company need professional translation services regularly, but only small amounts at a time?

For example, translation of:

  • Email correspondence with international colleagues and business partners
  • Social media posts across company platforms
  • Customer feedback and reviews

If this is how your company uses language services, consider this: You can avoid paying minimum fees over and over for smaller bits of text if you set up a monthly retainer with your language services provider (LSP). This lowers your overall translation cost and can be easily added to your annual budget.

If you think a monthly retainer for language services is the right solution for your organization, partner with an experienced LSP to discuss your options.

Unexpected Events

What is the annual budget’s greatest enemy? Unexpected events that create unexpected expenses!

When you need language services unexpectedly, it can cause chaos and delayed deadlines. Not to mention—there is often a lengthy process to get the expenses approved, delaying projects even further.

Including language services in your budget is always best practice in case your company needs professional translation, interpreting services, localization consulting, or other language services unexpectedly.

Prepping for Tight Deadlines

Successful and growing companies have tight deadlines that need to be met in order to achieve their goals. As a business matures, some deadlines become predictable.

If your organization needs language services at the same times every year, this is an advantage when creating your annual budget.

Partner with an experienced LSP ahead of your next budget meeting to discuss your predictions of when you will need language services like translation and interpreting throughout the year.

Setting deadlines ahead of time allows the LSP to be prepped and ready with a hand-picked translation team to work on your translation and localization projects. These language professionals will be chosen by their proficiency in the subject matter. For example businessmedical, legal, education, manufacturing, and other domains.

Discussing deadlines and expectations with an LSP gives you negotiating power and flexibility. Giving an LSP guaranteed business means they are better able to serve you and your scope of work, making it more possible to give you volume discounts on your planned projects, and ultimately help you get more out of your budget.

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