International Translation Day: How Language Professionals Affect Our Everyday Lives

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Translation Day

Do you enjoy products and services from other countries? Have you had medical procedures done with advanced medical technology? Many of us do not think twice about the everyday conveniences we enjoy because of the efforts of translators and interpreters. 

The U.N. adopted International Translation Day (September 30th) with the purpose of spreading awareness of and paying tribute to the important work language professionals play in our everyday lives around the globe. The significance of September 30th lies in biblical history with Saint Jerome, the patron saint of translators and interpreters. He was the first to translate the bible into Latin and his feast day is September 30th.

It is impossible to list all the ways translators and interpreters affect our lives, but you may discover a new appreciation for these hard-working language professionals when reading facts on how they contribute to a changing world.

Medical Technology

New medical technologies are developed around the world every day by teams of engineers, medical professionals, and scientists. With international cooperation, sharing these advances benefit millions of people. This distribution would NOT be possible without dedicated language professionals.

Interpreters relay medical discoveries & advancements in conferences every year for the medical community. They overcome language barriers to facilitate communication and ideas between medical professionals that ultimately benefit world health.

New medical equipment shipped to hospitals in different countries require accurate manuals for assembling devices and instructions on how to use them. Companies partner with language service providers who employ native translators to carry their message into the target language.

Without these language professionals we would not benefit from technological advances in medicine that save millions of lives every day.

International Efforts & Cooperation

Behind the scenes of our routine lives, interpreters facilitate dialogue between nations that promote cooperation and understanding. These talks range from fostering world peace and security, negotiating trade policies to strengthen economies, contributing to development, and so much more.

Global discussions effect all countries and their citizens. The accuracy of the interpreted message is imperative when connecting nations with common goals and protecting their citizens. Interpreters enable lasting relationships on a global scale.

International Business

Language professionals are responsible for ALL international business efforts that affect the global economy. Translators convert languages for business documents, marketing materials, websites, employee handbooks and more for companies expanding to new international markets.

These efforts allow us consumers accessibility to thousands of products and services around the globe. With the help of the Internet and translation efforts, we now have endless options for our shopping pleasure.

Interpreters also assist in international business efforts and partnerships. With video remote technology, over-the-phone interpreting, and new on-demand interpreting platforms, there are more ways to hold business meetings with international business partners.

We are Grateful

Interpreters and translators have one common goal – to facilitate communication between people. Their work impacts our lives every day in visible and in unseen ways. They foster understanding between individuals and nations for the benefit of global society. We are grateful for all the work they do to connect us to the world.

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