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Core In House Team

Hana Laurenzo

Owner & CEO

Hana started TLC in 2005 after owning and operating a similar business in her hometown of Prague, Czech Republic, where she earned her Master’s degree in translation from Charles University. Though she still refuses to try her very first PB&J sandwich, Hana is keen on learning something new every day. Usually arriving at the office first each morning, she enjoys sitting at the desk her husband Dave built for her and watching the award-winning team trail in as TLC comes alive. Amidst running the office and putting out metaphorical fires, Hana can often be found high-fiving the in-house staff, sending love notes to her freelance team, taking orders for Chinese food, or browsing various orange office products. Though it’s hard to find time for all of her out-of-work hobbies, which include shooting guns, gardening, swimming with her puppies, reading and meditating, Hana loves what she does so much that if she wins the lottery tomorrow (unlikely since she never remembers to buy a ticket), she promises to still be at her desk the next day.

Sharon West

Sr. Project Manager

A ’76 TCU graduate, Sharon (who is allergic to dogs and used to go on and on about her hot beverage aversion) worked for SBC and AT&T for 25 years before finding a home at TLC. Since joining the team in 2008, she is a frequent visitor to the office Nespresso machine and the proud momma of a sweet stray she took in from TLC’s old location. Besides Hana, she is the only team member to have been with TLC through all three of our office moves. After losing 29 pounds on Weight Watchers, she also moonlights as a Weight Watchers group leader, helping others in and out of her warmer-than-most office. In her spare time, she enjoys doting on her son and grandbabies, birding, church activities, and competing in the occasional fencing tournament. As the specially appointed Fire Warden (who happens to have a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do!), Sharon is the person to call if you have any questions about the office evacuation plan as well as the translation process.

Core In House Team
Core In House Team

Evelyn Gonzalez

Project Manager

As administrative assistant at TLC central, Evelyn’s is the first voice you will hear on the phone and the first cheerful smile to greet you at our door. And, with a Bachelor’s degree and certificates in both interpreting and translation, she is well-versed in far more than just administration. Evelyn can accomplish any task she is given, and does so with grace, organization, and calm. In her time out of the office, Evelyn enjoys getting crafty – from buying notebooks, stamps, and writing utensils to binge watching craft tutorials online. She can also be found spending time with her little nephew, engaging in church activities, or keeping up with her personal goals. Give us a call or stop by the office today. Evelyn will be excited to meet you and get you on your way with TLC!

Heather Hemer

Account Manager

TLC is full of the love of language and the love of people, and, in Heather‘s friendly corner of the office, the all-caps love of CATS. Heather, also a sign language interpreter, comes to TLC with a BA in Linguistics and a minor in French. Before becoming an assistant project manager on the team, her resume boasts countless academic accomplishments and exceptional ratings working in management in a Fortune 500 company. When she isn’t hard at work with our clients and team members, Heather can be found reading, painting, playing the violin, and of course, loving cats.

Core In House Team
Core In House Team

Cambria Morrow

Project Manager

One of our in-house horned frogs, Cam graduated from TCU with a degree in Spanish and Hispanic Studies, which she has used to communicate with Spanish speakers in various professional and service based contexts. A frequent visitor to the office chocolate bowl, Cam loves all things sweet, and won’t stand to let any food (especially if the word “cake” is involved) go to waste. Keeping busy with activities like rugby outside of the office, Cam loves sinking into her chair at the TLC lunch table and hearing about all the current events she missed on the news. She gets excited learning new tricks of the trade on her computer, as well as getting to know her fellow co-workers (today we learned Cambria was named after a street – so we are excited to get to know her better too).

Nicholas Matthews

Project Manager

Language loving Nick comes to TLC with a B.A. in linguistics, a minor in Spanish, and a certificate in Spanish translation. Whether presenting his research on Cherokee verbs, teaching English in the Costa Rican jungle, or burning the midnight oil as a project manager – he knows how to put his credentials to work. Outside of TLC, Nick enjoys carpentry, cooking, and traveling to places less humid than home. Inside the office, his incredible attitude and his skills permeate more than just TLC’s translation process. His hand engraved name plates by our doors and a mounted “success” bell remind us how cool it is to work with multi-talented Nick every day! Flexing his linguistic chops at his bright, cluttered desk, Nick also enjoys gathering together with the team for morning meeting and schooling us on the importance of the Oxford comma.

Core In House Team
Core In House Team

Sonja Scherling

Project Manager

Sonja is a unique member of TLC’s core team – bringing her creativity and expertise to projects via virtual, lunch-room zooms from beautiful Patagonia, Argentina. After completing a three year course in Hotel Management and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Sonja found her way into the Linguistics field, where she has been sharpening her skills as a translator and now project manager for seven years. Part of the TLC team since 2012, Sonja is always delivering consistent quality and new insights to both clients and team members. A night owl at heart, Sonja can be found spending her non-work hours seeking out adventure, horseback riding, reading, and spending time with her family.

Miguel Argueta

Assistant Project Manager

Completing his studies in Spanish and Linguistics at UTA, Miguel is exactly in his element at busy TLC (which he sweetly tells us reminds him of why he got into the field in the first place)! In between projects, Miguel enjoys exchanging knowledge with co-workers when the entire team gathers over morning meeting or lunch. Outside of the office – he eats, sleeps, and breathes soccer – playing and watching whenever he gets the chance. He can also be found looking dashing in black, fishing, avoiding any experience with olives and heights, and maintaining his status on the UTA Dean’s List with the same skill and intelligence he brings to our family each day. Miguel works wonders with any project he is thrown, and is a shining example of commitment and excellence for everyone at TLC.

Core In House Team

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