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Translation 360™

Complete Peace of Mind for Your Corporation

Language services helps your organization grow and thrive. But managing the unfamiliar processes and technology can become a headache.

When an organization starts using language services, things can get quickly out of control. Different departments start using different suppliers, previously translated content is not leveraged for financial advantage, and technological solutions may or may not be the best ones available for the organization’s specific needs. It is no surprise that more than 80% of language service users operate in a reactive mode and their language services system drags behind their quickly developing needs.

Financial Savings

Maximum Capacity

Reduced Cycle Time

Complete Compliance

How Translation 360™ Works

Using our free baseline analysis, we detail your current situation and develop a customized roadmap that will help you become proactive and achieve your goals, including some or all of the following:

Centralize Language ServicesCentralizing Language Services
through a Translation Management System

Quality Testing

Quality Checks
of Supplier Performance

Diversify Supplier BaseDiversifying
Supplier Base

Maintaining Translation Memories/Databases
of Already Translated Content

Mitigating Legal
and Financial Risks

Diversify Supplier BaseEstablishing an In-house
Language Department

Machine Translation/
AI Solution Implementation

Creating Corporate
Style Guides


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