4 Reasons Why Translation is Essential in our World

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There is a common misconception that translation and interpreting simply consist of converting messages from one language into another.

Often, translation and other language services are an afterthought – only considered when someone realizes: we’ve got to have it, right here and now!

But translation and other language services are SO much more than just word conversion and have had an incredible impact in our world.

So, why is translation so important to our global society?

1. Creates Meaningful Connections

translation creates connectionsTranslation is all about connection. Before professional translation was a vocation, it was very difficult to converse and connect with another person who spoke a language other than our own. Now, we can make meaningful connections through easily accessible language services.

The invention of and easy access to the internet makes it even more convenient to create these connections across continents through websites, social media, mobile apps, and more. And understanding one another gives us access to new perspectives and concepts, otherwise unknown – and possibly even unimagined.

2. Improves Global Economy

translation improves global economyAs more and more businesses expand internationally, the opportunities of global economic success increase. Translation makes it possible for a huge variety of products and services to be accessible in more countries and cultures than ever before.

Again, the internet expands these opportunities. Businesses large and small – all around the world – utilize website localization to sell their products to consumers in other countries, and connect with these consumers via social networks.

The more businesses selling internationally, the more diverse the global economy becomes, thanks in large part to translation and other language services

3. Promotes Peace, Empathy, and Charitable Giving

translation promotes peaceTranslation doesn’t just benefit the global economy, it also allows opportunities for the global community to understand each other, empathize with each other, and come to each other’s aid.

When nations negotiate peace treaties, trade agreements, government contracts, and other official actions, language professionals are essential to the process. Whether interpreting is needed for important negotiations between nations, or professional translation is needed for official documents so that terms are clearly understood between the parties at hand – language professionals are there every step of the way.

The aftermath of natural disasters and global emergencies around the world call for aid from other nations to help provide relief in the worst of situations. Translation and interpreting are indispensable in these moments of crisis to help bring stabilization. For example, interpreters are needed to help volunteer medical staff communicate with locals in need of medical care. Without them, they might be misdiagnosed and/or not receive proper treatment.


4. Distributes Medical and Scientific Advances

translation distributes medical advancementsThe astounding advances in science and technology over the last century or so have provided our modern world with incredible benefits. To allow our global population to partake in these advances, translation and interpreting services are essential to their dissemination.

New treatment of and cures for diseases, valuable medical technology, and crucial medical research discovered in one country can easily be shared with other countries through professional translation and interpreting. The sharing of this knowledge with each other allows all of us to live better, healthier, more productive lives.

Scientific discoveries and advancements in technology also require language services to benefit the global community. Sharing this knowledge between cultures aids in bettering all aspects of life – from inventing water filtration systems for 3rd world countries to benefit from access to clean water, to spreading clean energy technology to reduce global pollution, to improving means of transportation that allow for easier travel.

Let us be grateful for the huge impact translation, interpreting, and other language services have on the world, and honor their importance for the health and advancement of our global society.


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