3 Reasons to Use Over the Phone Interpreting

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There are countless reasons why an interpreting service is needed. Medical facilities like hospitals and doctors’ offices are required by federal law to provide interpreters for patients who speak limited English. Businesses setting up meetings with potential foreign clients or partners want to make a good impression by hiring a professional to interpret their native language. Law firms work with clients who need an interpreter to go over important case and court details. Contrary to popular belief, face to face interpreting is not ALWAYS necessary for every situation. Over the phone interpreting is a convenient and lower-cost way to meet interpreting needs.

1. Over the phone interpreting platforms offer 100% on the go service

Interpreting service and scheduling technology has grown with the times. Now, interpreting platforms are accessible from a PC, Mac, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. These platforms include features like scheduling over the phone interpreting for any time of day, or immediately reaching a vetted interpreter over the phone for unexpected interpreting needs. If you need an interpreter fast, these platforms are the way to go. Video calling is also available for some languages, like ASL (American Sign Language). Just select the language conversion needed, and call. A vetted, experienced interpreter will answer the line, and provide peace of mind that the desired message is communicated accurately.

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2. Over the phone interpreting costs LESS

Hiring a face to face interpreter is necessary in some situations, but it is also costly. There is usually an industry standard 2 hour minimum for services, and sometimes a fee for mileage. An interpreting platform does not have a minimum fee or time frame for over the phone interpretation. The platform tracks the call time and charges by the minute. So, if interpreting is only needed for 45 minutes, then ONLY 45 minutes are charged. No minimum fee, PERIOD. How easy is that? Choosing to save money & time with an easy access over the phone interpreter is a smart choice, and a no brainer.

3. A live interpreter is ALWAYS better than machine translation

Free online translation is a tempting option because, well, it’s free. Unfortunately, when it comes to free, you get what you pay for. Translation robots do not understand the cultural and contextual nuances of every language. Only a living, breathing human being with cultural knowledge of the language can provide that. Using a cheap service will put companies, medical offices, law firms, and other businesses at risk for a lawsuit or a tarnished reputation. Do NOT risk mistranslation with a robot. Use a professional, vetted, and experienced over the phone interpreter to make sure accurate messages are communicated with no mistakes.

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