3 Dangers of Cheap Translation Services

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Buying cheap translation services may seem like a thrifty way to get your translation project underway—but the dangerous consequences far outweigh the “good price”.

Whether you accept the lowest quoted price from a translation company or look internally for a bilingual coworker to do the translation and “save money”—you put yourself and your company at risk of potentially devastating consequences.

1. Risk of Legal Exposure

Language services providers (LSPs) that offer translation services at impossibly low prices typically do not follow a series of quality checks to ensure accurate translation. Cutting quality assurance checks from the translation process is a way for those LSPs to cut corners, cut costs, and consequently, offer cheap translation.

Lack of quality assurance will result in translation errors.

If you work in a regulated industry like food, pharmaceutical, or financial sectors—it is imperative to receive accurate translation. Any mistake may result in expensive and lengthy lawsuits that cost your company money and time.

The same goes for any contracts, HR documents, legal documents, etc. Inaccurate translation on these types of documents will have lawyers knocking on your door. Can your company afford it?

2. Ruined Reputation

Erroneous translation from cheap language services devastates your reputation. It is hazardous to your ROI and you will lose potential customers.

For example, if a company starts selling their food product in another country, and an ingredient is mistranslated, it could have huge ramifications. A customer could have an allergic reaction to the mistranslated ingredient and sue the company for medical damages.

Damaged reputation = damaged revenue

When word gets out about a situation like this, your company’s brand image will be damaged, revenue will decline, and a LOT of money will be lost settling the claim. Are you willing to take that risk for “cheap” services?

3. Expensive Corrections

YES! You saved the company money by getting cheap translation!

Uh-oh… There are multiple mistakes and the company must pay MORE money to fix it. That does not make you or your company look good.

Cheap translation causes a chain reaction of more work and more expenses. Depending on the severity of the mistakes, your company could pay much more money to correct the translation—than the amount paid for the original, cheap translation.

Do NOT be the company that skimps on quality professional translation services for the sake of “saving money”

It will always cause more damage than good. 

High Quality Translation Services are Worth It

As you search for language services that fit your needs, remember to seek quality language services from a company that truly has your success in mind.

An experienced LSP will:

  • Follow multiple quality checks throughout the translation process
  • Personalize solutions based on your needs
  • Utilize highly qualified language professionals who specialize in the domain
  • Use the latest technology to improve consistency and maintain translation memory databases
  • Offer localization consulting based on your company’s goals

The right LSP for you will always go above and beyond to provide high quality language services that fit your specific needs.

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