Over the Phone Interpretation Services

Over the Phone Interpretation with TLC Translation in Fort Worth, TX

Need to communicate with someone in another language real time, right now, no hassle? In response to the growing need for easy and affordable access to real time interpretation service – without the need for prior scheduling – TLC is now offering Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services.

Access to TLC’s OPI service is handled via a 1-800 number and a unique PIN assigned to each customer at sign up. Customers are able to reach a qualified interpreter for their desired language in an average of 15-22 seconds, and also have access to outbound calling services – ideal for scheduling, callbacks, and leaving messages in the preferred language.

All of TLC’s interpreters are hand selected and have reputable backgrounds and experience in the industry of the customers to whom they are assigned. They understand industry-specific terminology and concepts and are either certified by reputable associations or have the equivalent of such certification in experience and education. Best of all, they are available and accessible whenever you need them.

TLC’s interpreters excel in:

  • Knowledge of both languages and target cultures
  • Ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely
  • Note-taking techniques
  • Short and long-term memory skills
  • Cultural sensitivity

Call us at 817.441.9974 to discuss your OPI needs, receive information on pricing, and get your OPI account set up today!

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