Manufacturing Documents

Teneo Linguistics Company is a US-based translation and localization services company. We provide medical, scientific and technical translation services in all major European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and American languages.

TLC provides error-free, technically accurate and well-written translations while meeting stringent regulatory requirements and tight turnaround times. Our quality management systems are ISO 9001:2008 certified and compliant with EN 15038 and ASTM F-2575-06.

What we offer:

  • Translation of technical and manufacturing documents
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Linguistic quality
  • Flexibility
  • Responsive project management
  • Latest technology and workflow

What you can expect when working with us:

  • Collaborative Spirit – we work with you as well as your other vendors. We share our resources and provide you with direct access to project managers and linguists;
  • Technical Expertise – we navigate the regulatory environment with you, advise you and demonstrate initiative to create new and innovative solutions;
  • Adaptability – we are flexible and seamlessly integrate and adjust to your internal workflows, accounting and reporting systems;
  • Stability – we are financially healthy and able to handle any amount of work you might send our way;
  • Commitment to Quality – excellent quality, turnaround and customer service;
  • Unimpaired Communication – with project managers, translators and reviewers in order to meet your volume, language, and time-to market requirements.
  • Performance Measurement – we offer formal metrics tailored to industries requiring strict adherence to performance measurement standards.

Our goal is to anticipate your needs, make recommendations, and help you continually refine and improve your processes. We assist you not just with foreign languages but also with the specific challenges and cultural dynamics associated with each market.

Give us a try and we will demonstrate to you how we can provide measurably better results.

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